WG 3 - A Sustainably Productive Ocean

How to achieve - A productive ocean supporting sustainable food supply and a sustainable ocean economy

Chair : 

  • Javier A Arata is a marine Biologist, PhD in Science m. Ecology at University Austral of Chile. He started as Scientific Observer for CCAMLR at the Patagonian toothfish fishery around South Georgia in the mid-1990s. Conducted his PhD in albatross ecology and interactions with fisheries in Southern Chile, in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic Division. With his mentor, Dr Carlos Moreno, developed the first Action Plan for reducing seabird interactions with longline fisheries in Chile. Later, he carried out a Postdoc at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, conducting Hawaiian albatross population assessment. After returning to Chile, he joined the Chilean Antarctic Institute, where he led the scientific and logistic support program for Antarctic research. In parallel, he returned to CCAMLR, this time as Scientific Representative for Chile during 2009-2015. In 2016 joined the Research Center Dynamics of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems, IDEAL, of the University Austral of Chile, as Executive Manager, where he continued working in Antarctic and Subantarctic issues. In 2018, after moving to Canada, he accepted the position of Executive Officer at the Association of Responsible Krill harvesting companies, ARK, from where he has been fostering a more vital collaboration between scientists and the industry. 

Internal contact points : Rhona Kent & Susie Grant

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