WG 1 - A Clean Ocean

How to achieve - A clean ocean where sources of pollution are identified, reduced or removed

Chairs : 

  • Clara Manno is a biological oceanographer from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who has focused her research on studying the resilience of Southern Ocean marine ecosystem and carbon cycle to anthropogenic climatic and not climatic stressors such as ocean acidification and microplastic pollutions. She is a member of the steering committee of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) research group “Plastic in the Polar Environment” and she is PI of a Future Leaders Fellowships by the United Kingdom (UK) Research and Innovation focus on microplastic impacts in Southern Ocean (CUPIDO). 
  • Cath Waller is a lecturer in Environmental Marine Biology at the University of Hull, UK. She competed her PhD with the British Antarctic Survey and has continued to work in both  polar regions since then. Her research focuses on shallow benthic ecosystems and the impacts of anthropogenic stressors (including climate change and microplastics) on the habitats and communities. She also researches vectors for the introduction of non-native species into the Southern Ocean. She is Co-Chair of the SCAR Action Group Plastics at the Poles, and leads the Environmental Plastics Research Group at the University of Hull.

Internal contact points : Emily Grilly

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